domingo, 12 de abril de 2015

Te prometo...

Te prometo que mañana seguimos hablando de Ucrania, del Imperio, de las tonterías de los hombres y tantas cosas más. Ahora pegale una mirada a Miranda, Luna de Urano. Sí, Urano tiene a Titania, Oberon, Umbriel, Ariel... y a Miranda. Un astrofísico, un geólogo ahí, por favor. 

Leemos por ahí: "Uranus has 5 big moons and 10 smaller ones, mostly composed of ice and rock. Many are heavily cratered, but Uranus too has its oddball moon. Miranda, the largest moon, has a surface unlike any other moon in the solar system. The surface is broken into distinct areas that seem to bear no relation to each other. One area may be wrinkled, while the area beside it is hills and craters. It could have been a major impact that gave Miranda its jumbled appearance but it could also have been caused by rising and sinking areas in the interior."

Dígannos que Miranda no es un mensaje celestial, un chiste de los amigos del espacio. Digan algo, por favorrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Detalles de Miranda:

"On Uranus´small moon Miranda lies a monumental cliff wall believed to be the tallest in the Solar System. It is called Verona Rupes. Observations are limited but it is certain that the cliffs rise at least 5 kilometers above the ground below. Maybe even twice as much. This extreme height combined with Miranda´s low gravity (0,018g) would make for a spectacular base-jump. After taking the leap from the top edge you could fall for at least 12 minutes and, with the help of a small rocket to brake your fall toward the bottom, end up landing safely on your feet. Miranda´s close orbit around giant Uranus also makes a magnificent huge cyan ball in the sky." (


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