miércoles, 22 de julio de 2015

Mientras tanto, en Medio Oriente y el norte de Africa...

El mundo estaba perdiendo la atención de grupos como el Estado Islámico, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram y cosos por el estilo, así que había que sacudirlo un poco. Leemos estas noticias breves en Russia Today:

22:01 GMT
Series of blasts at Nigerian bus stations kill at least 37 – report

A series of bomb blasts at bus stations in Nigeria's northeastern city of Gombe have killed at least 37 people, according to Al Jazeera sources. Meanwhile Reuters, citing a Red Cross official, reported 29 killed and 60 injured. The first bomb was detonated by a female suicide bomber as around 6:00pm GMT near the Dadin Kowa bus terminal as people gathered to pray at a nearby mosque, Reuters reported. Minutes later a second explosion happened near the same station. About an hour later two more consecutive blasts occurred at the gate of the Duku bus station and at market nearby. No one has immediately claimed responsibility for the blasts, but similar attacks in the past have been blamed on the Boko Haram terrorist group which is very active in the region. Last Friday at least 50 people were killed in a series of bombings at a market in the same city.

20:12 GMT
At least 20 dead in Baghdad car bomb blast

Twenty people are dead and at least 48 are injured following an explosion in a Shia district in southwestern Baghdad. A car bomb charge was set off in the middle of a bust market. No one has taken responsibility but the Sunni Islamic State often targets Shia districts in the Iraqi capital.

16:49 GMT
20 dead in 2 explosions in Cameroon

Twenty people were killed in twin suicide bomb attacks in the city of Maroua in northern Cameroon, Associated Press reports. The first attack occurred in a market and the second blast was carried out in the heavily populated Haussa district of the city. The terrorist attacks were reportedly carried out by Boko Haram militants, who allegedly used teenage girls as suicide bombers, local police says. The Maroua area is regularly attacked by Boko Haram extremists.

15:09 GMT
Suicide bomber on motorcycle kills 15 near market in NW Afghanistan

A suicide bomber on a motorcycle killed at least 15 people near a busy marketplace in northwest Afghanistan on Wednesday, Reuters said. Five of the dead were Afghan security force personnel, and 38 people were wounded, according to officials. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack in Almar, a district of Faryab province which borders Turkmenistan. The main target was believed to be a nearby police checkpoint.

09:13 GMT
Double suicide attack kills at least 22 Iraqi soldiers, paramilitary in Fallujah

Two suicide car explosions have killed at least 22 Iraqi soldiers and fighters from the Popular Mobilization Forces in east Fallujah, Al Jazeera reported. Some 24 people were wounded. Local police sources blame Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) for Wednesday’s attacks. They were reportedly carried out with a confiscated Iraqi army Humvee and an armored army vehicle at the Harariyat village, which is part of al-Karmah town.

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