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Otras miradas

Notables y confusos los tiempos que corren. Están los que creen que el Imperio es imbatible y los que piensan que ya perdió. Respecto de estos últimos, reproducimos la nota que sigue por la sencilla razón de que la mirada del autor es absolutamente discordante con lo que estamos acostumbrados a leer en la prensa occidental “seria”. Recordemos que “SITREP” es el acrónimo de “Situational Report” (reporte de situación). El autor firma con el pseudónimo de Scott Humor y escribe para el sitio web Reproducimos sólo la primera parte de la nota, en la que se habla de la situación en varios países respecto de Rusia. Pasen y vean:

Título: After BREXIT: Russia-Ukraine-Finland-Poland SITREP

Texto: Michael McFaul, the Washington Post and all others who declared Brexit to be a Putin’s victory, still don’t understand that Putin has won long before June 23rd referendum. The fact that the UK, the heart of the EU, has left the EU shows that they are just started to react to the Russia’s victory. By orchestrating this referendum, the British demonstrate their willingness to divide Europe as quickly as possible. It’s increasingly clear that the European monarchies will stay with the UK and its overseas colonies. All other countries are now will be given a choice of to stay with Atlanticists in their flight from Russia and Eurasia, or to join the free trade and defense union that is being established across Europe, Russia and most Eurasia and the Middle East.

For the previous steps of this process:

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After sanctioning the Russian representatives, locking them out of the building, and other small and big nasties, PACE wants Russia back as its member. “Our doors are always open for Russia,” says PACE. “There may be a draft with the door open.  You’ll catch cold,” answers Russia.

The West has already lost the Middle East. Russia and its allies control the Middle Eastern oil, and what they don’t physically controls, they hold in a crosshair. Most Europeans have not even started realizing that.

After Kazakhstan has re-united with Russia, the next step is underway to reunite Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. Then, Azerbaijan will be reunited with RussiaAfter that it expected that Turkey will be divided, and the Great Armenia will be restored in its historical borders. As we know, in 1915 Turkey conducted not just an Armenian genocide, but Christian genocide. Along with 1.5 million Armenian, Turks killed over 1 million of Greeks, and other Christians. This is the main question that is going to be raised soon as a pretext for the division of Turkey. Armenians asked for shelter and Russian government gave them Russia’s territories.  Armenians have supported Russians through it all. We know, for example, that Sergey Lavrov, the Russia’s Foreign Minister, is of Armenian descent, so is Margarita Simonyan, an editor in chief of Russia Today. Many other Armenians are loyally serving Russia by doing work to reunite Russian territories unlawfully broken off by the corrupt Communist rulers.  Thus, no one in Russia would object the efforts of returning the historical Armenian lands near the Black Sea from Turkey to Armenia.

The real liberation of Europe from American occupation has just started. To survive a bit longer the US and EU need to eat someone.  They broke their teeth trying to bit Russia. Now, it’s turn to consume someone in Europe. We don’t know yet, what had happened at the last Bilderberg Club meeting, but looks like they got infighting going on.

One thing is clear, that there will be no war in Europe. Just like the Soviet Union was divided peacefully, so the EU will be divided peacefully. It’s going to be very quick, because everyone wants to get back to business as soon as possible. NATO won’t be able to nuke Germany before retreating, because Russia has enough firepower in Europe to prevent this from taking place.

Russia has come to this point well prepared: the Middle Eastern natural gas and oil are under our control, Russia has support of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) which at this point unite over 4 billion people. Russia has a stockpile of precious metals, and its agriculture growing at unprecedented speed. Russia has Kalibr missiles, anti-missile defense systems, Russia’s electronic warfare systems Khibiny and Krasukha have surpassed the Western analogs. The list can go on and on.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is not just a powerful union, it’s a super-power union of nuclear countries with fast growing economies, with the majority of population on earth, and with an unlimited perspective for development.

Russian government has near total support of its population. Agree that it’s uncomfortable for the neo-liberals to demand for Russia “to be like Europe” when Europe is falling into abyss.

Europeans are presented with two possible outcomes. They can either  stay under the total control of the US, that will be sucking out their resources, until those countries will become extremely poor, and most likely will disappear off the maps. Or, they can opt to grab Russia’s president’s sleeve and beg to take them in under the Russia’s and Eurasian economic umbrella.

Right from the start, Poland is taking all the wrong steps, trying to serve the US as a Brexit spoiler, to slow down the UK exit.  Poland is the largest net recipient of EU subsidy. It gets around 13 billion euro each year. The UK has been contributing to subsidy “Honey-pot” by about 9 billion euro per year. Poland stands to lose the most of the free money from reduced subsidy in the event of a Brexit. Poland has started to do the US bidding and tries to sabotage or slow down this exit process on behalf of the US. Poland can’t accept a simple truth that there won’t be any “free” money.

On the other hand, Finland collecting signatures for referendum on leaving EU. Finland has oriented itself towards Russia and Eurasia and sees no reason to stay in the EU any longer. The petition is authored by Sebastian Tynkkynen, who heads a youth organization of the True Finns party. He said Finland needs a similar referendum as the country could become “free”

We can’t forget about our people who live in Ukraine under NATO’s occupation and military junta. To say that junta was blindsided by Brexit is an understatement.

“British referendum results to slow down EU’s decisions on Ukraine,” said Ukrainian deputy PM and a head of the parliamentary delegation of Ukraine in NATO, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for European integration Ivanna Klimpush-Tsintsadze said “As for [Brexit’s impacts on] Ukraine, it is not ruled out that some processes may be somewhat slower than in case the referendum had a different outcome.”

“Ukraine respects Britain’s choice,” she said. “But we are not happy about it as it might weaken the European Union from inside and it will have to focus on its internal problems to solve them.”

Kiev however expects a positive decision on the visa cancellation matters. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin said earlier on Friday he was confident the European Union will ultimately abandon visas for Ukrainians despite the Brexit results.

It’s not in interests of Russia and Germany having Ukraine to collapse, and having forty million people to seek refuge in Europe. As I wrote before, the liberation of Ukraine has to be done by the hands of Ukrainians themselves. Meanwhile, Russia is creating many favorable conditions, like the dissolution of the EU, and the new realignment of Europe.

We don’t see any increase in numbers of the Bandera followers. The same recognizable faces have been marching back and force on videos for the past two years. Threats that Bandera followers will grow into an army of millions have never materialized. Just recently, one of the ex-commanders of Azov death squad had complaint on twitter that no one wants to die for Ukraine. The Russia’s investigative committee has all the Nazis investigated and catalogued. It’s just a matter of arresting them and bringing them to justice.

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