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Quién lo hubiera dicho. La vieja división este-oeste persiste en la Alemania unificada, al menos en la consideración de Rusia y su papel en el mundo, 25 años después de la caída del muro. Curiosamente, es el este (el que supuestamente resultó más perjudicado en la repartija post- II Guerra Mundial), el que banca a los ruskis. Más aún, el que manfiesta, cuando puede, su desprecio por Occidente y sus valores. Leemos en Russia Insider: 

Título: In Germany, Putin Way More Popular in East

Texto: MOSCOW, November 27 (Sputnik) – A quarter of a century after the fall of the Berlin Wall, writes the author Frank Pergande in his article “Against the West”, the differences between the eastern and western parts of Germany are still striking.

In particular, in relation to Russia, in the east of the country the Russian President Putin meets more understanding than in the West.

“Putin — the topic of conversation on the street, in the family and at the table in the pub,” he says.

“One can almost believe that “poor Putin” is being pressed by the West, and in the eyes of the East he has become somewhat of a hero.

Similar to Gorbachev 25 years ago. And it is somewhat of a consensus in the East to show affection to Putin and Russia”.

 At first sight, the author says, such affection may seem strange, given the experiences of East Germans with the Soviet Union and Russia, the horrible heritage of World War II and the legacy of the Russian army.

On the other hand, he questions, how many Germans, either in the East or the West, really know what is behind the conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

“Who knows what happens to the people of Ukraine, who knows about the Crimea, ever been there?
Russia offers a welcome opportunity to express the underlying distrust of the West, its mode of life and values. And to criticize NATO expansion to the East which forces Putin to defend his country.”

“The West on the outside,” he says, “has brilliant colorful storefronts, but on the inside it is a depraved and dishonest society in which, to quote only one of the phrases, the rich are getting richer and the poor get poorer”.

“It's not only Russia currently challenging the West”, says Pergande. “The Western achievements are taken for granted but are quickly forgotten when matters become serious.

Contempt for the "Western" way of life could be seen everywhere. But an alternative model, human happiness prone to dictatorship seems not to lose its appeal. But it exposes itself as it hides under the mask of Putin”.

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