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Reporte de situación

Disculpen, chicos, que interrumpa las sesudas investigaciones en marcha sobre reuniones secretas entre Máximo y Massita, o el último parte médico sobre las hemorroides de la doctora Carrió, pero me pareció prudente advertir que la actual confrontación entre el Imperio y los rusos está tomando un cariz, cómo decirlo, bélico.

Lo que sigue es un SITREP (situational report) provisto por alguien que firma "Scott" en el sitio web No tiene desperdicio. Pónganse el casco y no levanten mucho la cabeza; nunca se sabe.

Título: Russia SITREP July 31, 2016 

Texto: In response to the US and Israel shooting down Russian jet and recently shooting down the helicopter, Russia’s long range bombers bombed the US and UK training camps for ISIS terrorists on the border with Jordan.  Prior, these camps weren’t targeted by Russia per agreement with the US. Interesting to note that the first time Russia bombed the training camps on June 16th, after that Germany and the US had hysterical fits demanding immediate ceasefire in Syria. In response to their demand, Russia’s bombers went the following day and bombed those training camps again.

Needless to say that by willfully and maliciously shooting down the Russian fighter jet, and the helicopter, the US crossed the redline. After June and July failed anti-government coups in Turkey,  Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Armenia facilitated by the US, all the bets are off. Russia is bombing the western coalition in Syria, outright. As of the end of July all the US, and NATO suspended all the operation in Syria.

- Syrian War Report – July 25, 2016: Russians Bombed US Secret Base in Syria? (

- Massive: Russians bomb US base in Syria (

The representatives of the US Central Command in Qatar called Russian colleagues in Latakia, explaining that the facility that was bombed is a part of the American infrastructure. But a second blow was delivered some 30 minutes after this.

- Russia Won’t Commit to Avoiding Accidental Killing of U.S. Troops in Syria (

Maj.-Gen. Igor Konashenkov, an official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, made their position clear: if Russian bombers did accidentally hit U.S. troops in Syria, Russia would place all blame for the casualties on the Pentagon, TASS Information Agency reported on July 23.

The fact that anti-ISIS coalitions, deployed in Syria, find themselves under threat from Russia’s air force—the responsibility for this rests exclusively with their military leadership. For our part, we constantly—and through all available channels—call on our partners to provide information on the locations of the units of ‘moderate opposition.’” he said.

I finally found a credible video of the aftermath of Russia’s airstrikes on the US and UK base in Syria’s Idlib. The FSA-affiliated Division 13 headquarter in northwestern Syria has been almost entirely demolished as Russian fighter jets heavily ponded the base located in Maarrat al-Numan (nearly 33 km south of Idlib):

- If Crimea voted not to reunite with Russia, where would it be? (

- Russia to defend all Christians of the world (

Apart from demonstrating personal example on how important, as we believe, is to build relations among various religions, it is necessary to carry out special events. To tell the truth, today Christians are subject to very serious persecutions in the Middle East and first of all in Syria and Iraq ( Their numbers in these countries have drastically dropped,’ the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov noted.

According to him, exodus of the Christians from the region, where Christianity arouse, ‘would be a colossal strike against the whole history, spiritual side of not only the Holy Land, but the whole of the Middle East.’

- New  technical complex for space ships has opened on the Plesetsk cosmodrome (

- The International Army Games 2016 will be held in Russia and Kazakhstan from July 30 to August 13 (

- On July 29, 2016 the Chinese and Iranian troops landed in Kaliningrad, many images (

Seeing Russia’s powerful allies in Europe, the Europeans are waking up to the simple truth that Russia is not “surrounded and isolated,” and that if push comes to shove, the sons of Europe will be fighting against the sons of the rest of the world. Either that, or the Europeans have to live in peace with Russia… Tough choice.

- Chines fighter jets arrived to Ryazan, Russia (

The Baltic Sea and skies are getting crowded as Russia launches military training of its assault forces in the exclave of Kaliningrad in answer to the double war-games being conducted by joint NATO forces on the territory of the three Baltic States (

- Meeting with President of Slovenia Borut Pahor (

During his working visit to Slovenia, Russia’s president Vladimir Putin held talks with President of Slovenia Borut Pahor.

My guess is to see the Chinese troops in the middle of Europe made quite an impression. Rumors are spreading today, that during the meeting of president Putin with the president of Slovenia it was announced that the EU will be reducing its economic sanctions against Russia.

But the bottom line, Russia’s economy is developing because of the Western sanctions.

- June 31th,  President Putin takes part in celebrations marking Russian Navy Day as part of his trip to St Petersburg (

- Russian sailors are celebrating Navy Day this Sunday, July 31. The event has already seen festivities at the country’s major ports (

Over the past three centuries, the Russian fleet has taken part in practically every war Russia has fought in and its contemporary fleet consists of nuclear-powered, ICBM-carrying submarines, missile cruisers, frigates and smaller ships in four strategic-tactical commands

Northern Fleet, Pacific Fleet, Baltic Fleet, Black Sea Fleet and a special flotilla in the Caspian Sea.

Russia and SYRIA

Aleppo humanitarian corridors that angered the US State Depart so much has been opened and operating.

Aleppo is the key to victory in Syria. The US State department clams that humanitarian corridor from Aleppo for civilians is a “war crimes” of “displacement peaceful citizens.”

That exactly how Russia won in Chechnya, in Grozny,  over the international terrorists that the West trained and equipped. Militants are able to hide amongst civilians forever. It’s impossible to cut water and electrics, and smoke them out because of so many civilians.  Food delivering have to be continued, if civilians are there. Terrorists built millions of underground tunnels and move around with ease. That’s why Aleppo will be erased completely. After liberation, new city will be built.

Watch how terrorists militants surrender to the Syrian Army in Aleppo [0:40] (

Russia and Turkey

Erdogan declared on Friday that Turkey will support Russia completely in the war against terrorists and to prove this statement just closed all the supply to ISIS militants in Syria (

The Kremlin has announced that weapons and ammunition supplies from Turkey to the ‘rebels’ in Syria has ended.

Turkey government makes every effort to drive NATO from its territory, even literary trying to smoke the Western military out of their bases.

- 1,000s Turkish forces surround NATO’s Incirlik air base for ‘inspection’ amid rumors of coup attempt (

Europeans should pray for Erdogan to succeed in putting out all the fires in Turkey. What the Europeans don’t understand is that if the pro-Washington coup succeeded, Turkey will be already engulfed in a civil war, and the war with Kurds and with its neighbors.  It would have been broken apart, with millions more of Turkish refugees coming from Turkey to Europe.

Russian Arms: “We are guided by the beauty of our weapons”

Su-35 multi-role fighter (

Australian defense analyst decides that 1 new Su-35S Flanker is worth 10 US made F35’s

CONFIRMED: Russian Su-35 Fighters Now in Syria

- Russian Defence Ministry confirms forward deployment of Su-35 fighters to Syrian base (

- Russia’s Military Modernization – Modernização Militar da Rússia – Russian Armed Forces 2017


Russian engineering troops competition Open Waters The Army Games July 2016

- Promo video for the Open Water 2016 (

- Finals of the Open Water competition (

Russia and UKRAINE

- Change of the Ambassadors of Russia and the US in Kiev indicates upcoming  change of the regime authorities (

Russia’s previous ambassador in Ukraine, Mikhail Zurabov,  an aristocrat whose ancestral ties make a Queen of England to look like a nouveau riche,  a personal friend of Poroshenko, has been called back, and new Ambassador, with a background in the military intelligence comes to Kiev.  Zurabov desperately wanted out of Ukraine, and out of what he called “a job in the crossfire.”

Mikhail Babich is a career military officer and a politician and not a career diplomat.

This appointment was made in such a hurry and during the Russian parliament vacations. The members of Duma were made to come from their vacations and ratify his appointment, while the members of Kiev junta were having fits.

Multiple evidences are pouring in that Junta members are feathering their new nests in the US and Israel, and posting on Social media pictures of their new houses. Some might make it to safety, some might not. We will see.

- Thousands join Kiev Holy Cross procession organized by Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the MOSCOW PATRIARCHATE despite threats & provocation attempts (

A link to a video of the US troops landing on the beach near the Russian port Odessa on July 28th, 2016

- The American troops in the NATO occupied Ukraine (

Someone replied by posting Alexander Pushkin’s poem:

Well, pontificators, dispatch to us
your enraged sons.
We have room to lay them down in our fields,
Amid other kin to them coffins.

Answer to those who blame Russia for its “revisionism.”

- Documented videos of Nazi Germany marching across the fields of the Western parts of Russia called Ukraine (

- Today, the same Western troops marching across the same fields in a mad attempt to revise the history ((

Russia and the US

- America relies on war for jobs? (

Jul 29, 2016  President Putin asks the US Ambassador for his analysis on whether or not the Missile Defense System, being positioned on Russia’s doorstep, is in fact a threat to Russian security? His answer attempted to dispel the argument, but came out even more disturbing. According to the US Ambassador, America needs war to create jobs. Putin, amused, asks – “Why can’t you create jobs in a sphere that does’t threaten the existence of the human race?” In my previous video, which has since gone viral, Putin explains how a “defense” system is actually one element of a whole system of “offense” weaponry.

After a terrorist attack occurs in Europe, all you have to do is take a look at the market share price of companies such as Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, as Western governments scramble to bomb some hairy terrorist hiding hole. (Have they looked in the White House??)

The obvious winners of human misery are the CEO fat cats of military industrial companies.

The military-industrial complex works differently in Russia because it is not privately managed, but state run. The government does not hand out billions of [taxpayer] dollars worth of contracts to a handful of unethical parasites, and their lobbyists. This essentially removes the financial incentive from creating an ever -expanding military industrial complex in Russia.

The story of the week

Highly important and completely buried by the Western media

- Dangerous Propaganda: Network Close To NATO Military Leader Fueled Ukraine Conflict (, by Christoph Schult and Klaus Wiegrefe:

Working with dubious sourcing, a group close to NATO’s chief military commander Philip Breedlove sought to secure weapons deliveries for Ukraine, a trove of newly released emails revealed. The efforts served to intensify the conflict between the West and Russia.

Early Concern

The newly leaked emails reveal a clandestine network of Western agitators around the NATO military chief, whose presence fueled the conflict in Ukraine. Many allies found in Breedlove’s alarmist public statements about alleged large Russian troop movements cause for concern early on. Earlier this year, the general was assuring the world that US European Command was “deterring Russia now and preparing to fight and win if necessary.”

The emails document for the first time the questionable sources from whom Breedlove was getting his information. He had exaggerated Russian activities in eastern Ukraine with the overt goal of delivering weapons to Kiev.

The general and his likeminded colleagues perceived US President Barack Obama, the commander-in-chief of all American forces, as well as German Chancellor Angela Merkel as obstacles. Obama and Merkel were being “politically naive & counter-productive” in their calls for de-escalation, according to Phillip Karber, a central figure in Breedlove’s network who was feeding information from Ukraine to the general.

“I think POTUS sees us as a threat that must be minimized,… ie do not get me into a war????” Breedlove wrote in one email, using the acronym for the president of the United States. How could Obama be persuaded to be more “engaged” in the conflict in Ukraine — read: deliver weapons — Breedlove had asked former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Breedlove sought counsel from some very prominent people, his emails show. Among them were Wesley Clark, Breedlove’s predecessor at NATO, Victoria Nuland, the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs at the State Department, and Geoffrey Pyatt, the US ambassador to Kiev.”

To read more follow the link above…

Tchaikovsky 1812 overture and the American Independence Day

July 4th,  2016 – celebration of the Independence day in the United States

Performed in Russian language:  “God Save the Tsar!” which is the national anthem of the Russian Empire.

“God Save the Tsar!” (Russian: ????, ???? ?????!; transliteration: Bozhe, Tsarya khrani!) was the national anthem of the Russian Empire. The song was chosen from a competition held in 1833. The composer was violinist Alexei Lvov, and the lyrics were by the court poet Vasily Zhukovsky. It was the anthem until the Russian Revolution of 1917, after which “Worker’s Marseillaise” was adopted as the new national anthem until the overthrow of the Russian Provisional Government.

Tsar /z??r/ (Old Church Slavonic: ???? [usually written thus with a title] or ???, ?a??) or czar is a title used to designate certain European Slavic monarchs or supreme rulers, heads of state. In Russian also the word Gosudar (rusky: ????????) is being used instead of tsar. Gosudar is derived from the word “gosudarstvo” which means a state. So, gosudar means a head of state.

Vladimir Putin is Gosudar of Russia.

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