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Tarde piaste

Curiosos estos chabones eslovacos, ucranianos y polacos: se la pasan puteando a los rusos, pero cuando los rusos deciden que ya es suficiente y los excluyen de algún negocio, saltan como leche hervida.

Tarde piaste, papafrita, debe estar pensando más de un analista europeo al conocer las recientes declaraciones de algunos funcionarios de estos tres países en relación con el reciente acuerdo firmado por Gazprom y varias compañías. El mismo permite extender la línea Nord-Stream de abastecimiento de gas a Alemania por el lecho del Mar Báltico (y no por los territorios de estos mismos países). Leemos en el sitio web Russia Insider:

Título: Ukraine PM Hysterical: Nord Stream 2 Will 'Deprive' Us of $2 Bn per Year

Epígrafe: He therefore urges the European Comission to block it / Says it's an anti-Ukrainian and anti-European project (is there a difference?)

Texto: KIEV, September 10 (Sputnik) – In June, Gazprom announced plans to build two additional branches of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, running from Russia to Germany, in a joint project with E.ON, Shell and OMV, with an estimated cost of 9.9 billion euro (over $11 billion).

The Nord Stream-2 project, which plans to use the original Nord Stream pipeline for 86-percent of the route before branching off, could provide up to 55 billion cubic meters of direct gas supplies to European customers annually.

“For Ukraine the construction [of the pipeline] would mean excluding Ukraine from transit deliveries to the European Union, which is a loss of $2 billion in revenue that we receive for delivering gas to the EU,” Yatsenyuk said during a briefing after a meeting with Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico.

Kiev has decided to maximally increase its reverse gas supply from Slovakia, he added.
“We have significantly increased purchasing volumes of gas over the past few weeks and have almost reached a 100-percent capacity.

Ukraine is paying 100 percent for reserved capacities from a Slovak company regardless of whether it buys the gas or not…

We have now decided to maximally increase by 100 percent the volumes of reverse flow from Ukraine,” Yatsenyuk said, according to 112 Ukraina television.


Título: Slovakia Blasts Nord Stream 2 'Betrayal'

Epígrafe: 'They are making idiots of us' says Slovakia PM Robert Fico

Texto: Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said today (10 September) that a deal between Russia's Gazprom and its European partners to expand the Nord Stream gas pipeline was a “betrayal” that would cost Ukraine and Slovakia a combined billions of euros.

Last week, Gazprom and its European partners signed a shareholders' agreement on the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project that will bypass Ukraine and run beneath the Baltic Sea to Europe, bringing Europe closer into Moscow's energy orbit, a move criticized by the US energy envoy. Gazprom, E.ON, BASF/Wintershall, OMV, ENGIE and Royal Dutch Shell formed the new consortium for the project.

“For months, there have (been) talks at the European Council about the need to help Ukraine stay a gas transit country, to help it through difficult winter months,” Fico told a joint news conference with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk.

‘They are making idiots of us’

“Suddenly an announcement came from Gazprom signing a contact with companies from western EU member states about building another branch of Nord Stream. The are making idiots of us.”

“They have betrayed an EU member state - Slovakia - and are going against political discussions with Ukraine at the European Council”, Fico said.

Slovakia provides reserve gas flows to Ukraine to help the country decrease its dependence from Gazprom. Russia has called the practice “illegal”.

Polish President Andrzej Duda too has made strong statements against the deal between Gazprom and the Western firms, to build a second gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea, saying it ignores Polish interests.

Russia provides for around a third of EU energy needs, but around half of the gas the EU imports from Gazprom is shipped via Ukraine, with which Russia is in conflict. It wants to find new ways to deliver gas to Europe bypassing its neighbour.


Título: Poland Slams Second Russia-Germany Pipeline

Epígrafe: Poland's president says the Baltic pipeline ignores Polish interests 

Texto: Poland's conservative president on Tuesday slammed a deal between Russia's Gazprom energy giant and several leading Western firms to build a second gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea, saying it ignores Polish interests.

“Considering that an agreement was concluded on building Nord Stream-2, which completely ignores Polish interests, one must seriously question unity” in the 28-member European Union, President Andrzej Duda told delegates to an economic forum in the southern Polish mountain resort of Krynica, dubbed Central Europe's “Davos”.

In June, Gazprom agreed with Anglo-Dutch Shell, Germany's E.ON and Austria's OMV to build the new gas pipeline – dubbed Nord Stream-2 – to Germany, bypassing conflict-torn Ukraine but also EU neighbour Poland.

The route under the Baltic Sea from Russia would have a capacity of 55 billion cubic metres per year and would double the flow of the existing Nord Stream pipeline currently linking the two countries.

No timeframe was given for the deal that will boost Germany as a distribution hub for Russian gas in Western Europe but undermines Poland's role as a transit state.

Polish politicians from across the political spectrum have long opposed Nord Stream, claiming it undermines Poland's energy security stemming from its role as a transit country for Russian gas via the Yamal-Europe pipeline.

The Nord Stream-2 announcement comes as Moscow seeks more gas delivery routes to the EU that bypass Ukraine, despite the EU's insistence that it wants to cut its dependence on Russia.
Russia and the West are locked in a bitter standoff over the Kremlin's role in Ukraine and a gas dispute between Kiev and Moscow has threatened energy supplies to the EU. 

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