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El sitio ruso Strategic Culture Foundation saca ahoy un artículo de Nikolai Malishevski sobre diversas tendencias sociales en Gran Bretaña. Al tipo no le gusta el matrimonio igualitario; en fin. Todo el resto de lo que señala es, sin embargo, bastante impresionante.

Título: “Britain is loosing its greatness

Texto: “After the abdications of the Pope and the Queen of the Netherlands, more and more people are saying that the Queen of Great Britain might follow their example. In May 2013 it was reported that Elizabeth II has already begun to transfer her powers to her son, Prince Charles. Not long before that, British Cabinet Secretary Gus O'Donnell stated that in the next few years Britain could encounter enormous problems, for example, whether or not the kingdom will remain united. The opinion that the United Kingdom could fall apart over the next few years and cease to exist as a single state has been circulating very widely...  There are many reasons which could together cause the fall of British statehood, and these reasons are quite varied.

Separatist tendencies in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, the Isle of Man, and the County of Cornwall, which has been demanding autonomy, are growing stronger.

Alarming demographic tendencies have taken shape. According to statistics,at the beginning of 2013 less than half of London residents were of English background. The British capital, once one of the few monolingual cities of Europe, as a result of immigration has become the most multilingual city on the planet, speaking over 300 languages.

Five years ago none other than the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, spoke of the inevitability of including certain norms of sharia law into British legislation!  At that time the name Muhammed had already become the second most popular name for newborn baby boys in England (second only to the name Jack). 

Today the British press, citing Scotland Yard, writes that London has been taken over by "zealots of sharia morality", and "sharia patrols" are operating in their neighborhoods. In February of this year in Birmingham, 9-year-old Aaron Dugmore hanged himself; his classmates - Asians, Arabs and Blacks - bullied him because he was white. According to the Daily Mail, Aaron Dugmore became one of the youngest suicides in the United Kingdom.

London has long since become a center of international terrorism. According to the U.S. State Department, out of 30 officially recognized terrorist organizations, 10 have official headquarters in London, and another 15 "conduct major operations and fundraising in the British capital". One sheikh of the Muslim Brotherhood, which long ago established a base in London, has stated that over 500 million dollars are spent each year on maintaining the British branches of the organization alone.

Great Britain has the second largest external debt in the world (over 9.8 trillion), which is over 435% of the country's GDP.  There is a huge 42 billion dollar hole in the state budget. For that reason, in the second half of 2013 the number of those serving in the British army will be reduced by over 5,000, and by 2015 the number of British military personnel is to be reduced by another 20%. In the opinion of John Muxworthy, the head of the UK National Defence Association, if this tendency continues the British army will have ceased to exist by 2020.

The country is rapidly losing its status as a financial center.Since the beginning of the 2008 crisis the banking and financial sector has already lost 132,000 jobs. It is expected that by the end of 2013 another 50,000 jobs in this sector will disappear. It is only possible to appreciate the significance of these figures if you consider that no other country's economy, besides that of Switzerland, depends on the financial system as much as Great Britain's - bank assets there are equal to 390% of the GDP.

Entire industries are disappearing, such as the automotive industry, which once was considered one of the symbols of British might. The English simply sold their famous brands, first to the Americans and the Germans, then to the Chinese and the Indians. For example, Land Rover and Jaguar now bring in over 90% of the profits of the Indian company Tata Motors. Highways are leased or sold to foreigners – again to the Chinese and the Indians.

The financial situation of households is also deteriorating.Sociological studies made by the Markit Company recorded an abrupt decline in the financial situation of one third of respondents (a sample of 1,500 people surveyed in December 2012). Another third of those surveyed believe that in 2013 their situation "will not improve and may even get worse".

In the opinion of British analysts, the crisis of the current model of economic governance in Great Britain lies in the fact that the government's hopes for the rapid development of private business is not working out in the conditions of reduced government presence in the economy. The austerity policy has led to reduced incomes among the population and a steady decline in consumer demand.

Today over 5 million British residents are living below the poverty line. According to studies by the auditing company KPMG, the deepest recession in postwar history has led to 5 million people in the United Kingdom (about 20% of those employed) receiving wages lower than the minimum amount required by social standards. The largest percentages are in Northern Ireland and Wales. In absolute figures, the majority of the British poor live in London and in northeastern England - 570,000 people.

The total number of homeless people rose by 25% in 2012 alone. The number of families living in shelters rose by 44% over six months. As a minimum rent of £500 per week (!) has been set in the B&B (bed and breakfast) sector since April 2013, it is predicted that the number of people in shelters will increase abruptly.
As of early March 2013 about 1200 patients had died of hunger in hospitals of the British National Health System over the course of 4 years. The official reason was that the nurses are too busy to feed the patients. According to theDaily Mail, in 2011 alone 43 patients died of starvation, another 291 died in a state of severe malnutrition, and the number of patients discharged from hospitals in a state of malnutrition doubled to 5558. In addition, the hospitals of the National Health System have been accused of falsifying the figures to lower the number of patients who died from poor care. The situation is similar in homes for the elderly.
The British are more and more obviously taking to drink. Prime Minister David Cameron has likened the rise in alcoholism among the populace to a national disaster. All over the country, a network of drunk tanks are popping up like mushrooms.

The institution of the family in the country is rapidly degrading. Any 10-year-old hooligan already knows his rights and threatens to sue his parents if they do something he doesn't like. According to The Telegraph, 9 out of 10 British parents, whose children are taught to report "bad" parents to their schools, the police and special services, state that they would like their children to live "in a more optimistic" and more cultured country.

British teenagers (up to age 16) have led Europe in recent decades in antisocial behavior. Statistics confirm that 27% of British, 12% of German, 5% of Italian and 3% of French teens get drunk regularly; 49% of British, 38% of French and Italian and 28% of German teens have been in at least one fight during the past year; and 38% of British, 28% of German, 24% of Italian and 22% of French teens have had early sexual experiences... England has also set the European record for the number of teenage pregnancies.

Debt-stricken British students openly "moonlight" as prostitutes. Over the last few years the loan sharks have dragged them so deep into the swamp of consumer credit (interest rates can be up to 4000% on a yearly basis!) that even the university authorities acknowledge the fact and, in order to at least somewhat reduce the scale of the disaster, have forbidden the moneylenders to operate on the territory of university campuses. In February of this year, the British parliament officially approved sodomy by voting for a law legalizing same-sex "marriages", and the government plans to allow sodomites to be married in church. Almost half of residents of Great Britain today approve of homosexual marriages. Six months ago the British National Association of Head Teachers called for adding the study of pornography to school curricula; the suggested starting age is 10 years. At the same time a decision was made to dismiss teachers "for refusing to talk about gays" and to forbid parents from taking their children out of lessons where they talk about same-sex "marriages".

And yet society is not sounding the alarm. Adults either are no longer able to influence their out-of-control teenagers, or are afraid to.

According to the results of a survey conducted several months ago by the University of Huddersfield, over 50% of British middle-income families want to leave the country (one out of three of these families would like to move to Australia).  According to a study published by The Telegraph, they are being forced to emigrate by the economic crisis, high rents and the loss of community spirit among residents of Great Britain."

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