viernes, 21 de junio de 2013


Soldado ruso en las celebraciones del Día de la Victoria

Primero vamos a la nota reproducida originalmente por la agencia siria SANA:

“Paris, (SANA). France's Foreign minister Laurent Fabius said it is unlikely that France would offer weapons to the 'Syrian opposition' "that might be turned against us."

In press statements in Paris, Fabius said "we do not offer weapons to be directed at us, which is very clear,'' adding '' we've always said that we are here to help the opposition reach a political solution, but as for weapons, it is unlikely that we will offer weapons amid uncertain circumstances as concerns us, which means that we won't be offering weapons that might be turned against us.'' Fabius said that Paris needs to hold talks with the 'Syrian opposition' before it would be possible to provide them with heavy weapons.

A source at the ''opposition'' revealed to Italian agency (AKI) that Saudi Arabia consulted France on sending advanced French anti-tank missiles to the armed terrorist groups in Syria. The source added that batches of these missiles have begun to arrive to the terrorist groups.

France and Britain exerted massive pressure on the EU countries that led to lifting an arms embargo on sending weapons to the terrorist groups. The decision to lift the embargo cut no ice with Austria and Czech who stressed that political solution is the only exit route from the crisis.”


Bien.  Una fruncida de ojete tan severa por parte del gobierno francés indica que está por pasar una de dos cosas:  (1) una invasión de la NATO a Siria con toda la ferretería en  regla, o (2) finalmente la NATO entendió que los rusos hablan en serio, y se abandona la partida. Pierden las blancas.


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