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El periodismo del Imperio

Los chicos del Hemisferio Norte todavía no lo entienden: el periodismo es un poder, el Cuarto Poder, y generalmente defiende sus negocios o los de sus mandantes (que no somos nosotros, ciertamente), no la verdad o los intereses nacionales. ¿Fue siempre así? Francamente no lo sabemos, pero hace tanto que las cosas son de este modo que ya no tiene sentido plantearse la pregunta. La nota que sigue habla del periodismo del Imperio; es de Raúl Ilargi Meijer para su sitio web The Automatic Earth

Título: See? Now You Did It!

Texto: This is something I’ve commented on many times. Like two months ago, when I wrote:

“As for Donald Trump, as much as we would like to engage in constructive criticism of the man and his government, we find we no longer can. The anti-Trump echo-chamber has turned so deafening that any intelligent debate about his policies is being drowned out amid the never ending flow of fake news and half truths and innuendo and empty smears that US media continue to spout. With a brief lull when the bombs fell on Syria.

Thank you, New York Times, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC. Thank you for killing the entire discussion, thank you for killing off journalism. There is a lot to say about Trump, much of it critical, but we can no longer open our mouths. Because we don’t want to be in the same camp as you. Life in the echo chamber has given us vertigo. We had to get out.”

Jim Kunstler thanked me for saying that. He very much feels the same way. Nothing has changed. They’re still at it, and we still can’t get a word in edgewise. I was thinking earlier today that the best the MSM can do to promote its own case is to praise Trump from time to time. Because that is the only way they could attract some ears and eyes from outside their echo chamber.

They won’t do it. Being negative about the US president makes them too much money. It leaves us with a situation in which the one half of America that reads and hears New York Times, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC has become fully isolated from the other half. Yes, this is risky. But this, too, will be blamed on Trump.

Meanwhile, border policies where children are forcefully separated form their parents need criticism and condemnation from all of the nation. But there is nobody left who can reach the entire nation. A year and a half of 24/7 unproven allegations about collusion with Russia has seen to that.

Therefore, when the Intercept wrote about a Human Rights Watch report last month in Obama’s Deportation Policy Was Even Worse Than We Thought , the MSM don’t cover it, because it doesn’t fit the narrative. But when Trump uses the same ICE machinery to scare potential immigrants away, it’s suddenly considered newsworthy.

Oh, and France uses the exact same scare tactics, going as far as ripping children’s soles from their shoes. We should all condemn these atrocities, and make them stop. But it’s not going to happen if you guys insist on making it an anti-Trump thing, because half the country won’t listen to any more of that.

Journalism and news media must be a force to unite a nation, not one that divides it simply because there’s -more- profit in that.

The neverending Trump innuendo reached another new high in the North Korea meeting, with the ‘media’ competing with each other to find yet another terrible mistake or intentional screw-up by the man who is President of all Americans (like it or not). A feeding frenzy on nothingburgers.

Trump was accused of hob-nobbing with dictators. Excuse me, but all US presidents have done that. He wasn’t being tough enough, he was giving far too much away with nothing in return. Well, that’s not how South Koreans see it, and this concerns them a whole lot more than a bunch of ‘reporters’ covering the beltway.

Truth is, Trump did a good job, everything went well, he put Kim Jong-un in a position where the latter will have to deliver on denuclearization, or face the -international- consequences. It is quite the achievement, but if you wake up every single morning looking for more bad things to say about someone, yes, chances are you miss the good things.

You’re also probably missing the Saudi, US-supported, attacks on Hodeidah, the port city that is Yemen’s last lifeline to the world, and the only chance millions of people have of escaping a famine not seen since the Middle Ages.

That is the kind of thing that should be on your front pages, and opening your news shows, not that North Korea happens to have a border with Russia nudge nudge wink wink, and Trump saluted some Korean general.

America needs real news and real journalism, and it needs it badly. Instead it has an increasingly divisive set of well-paid propagandists who break the country ever further apart. The OIG report that came out yesterday confirms this more and better than anything.

When the country’s own ‘intelligence’ conspires to influence the political process, while the media report on outside influence only, then yes, you have a problem. As I was writing earlier today, you have to wonder how many people will still be working at the FBI by the end of the year.

Something else I’ve said before: the only hope of survival the MSM have in the age of the interwebs is to be brutally honest and open. Real news and real journalism. Because simply spouting opinions is something they will be trumped on by the many many millions of people with social media accounts who already do that every day, anonymously, and for free.

The old media don’t stand a chance against that army. The only thing that can save them is the truth.

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  1. ¿Fue siempre así? Recuerdo que hace 50 años cada caudillejo provincial tenía su propio diario

  2. Los mandantes del periodismo del Imperio son las combinaciones oligárquicas que sostienen el Imperio.

    El "periodismo" que está en la campaña de derrocamiento de Trump es un recurso fundamental de esas oligarquías, no de USA como nación.

    Con lo del Rusiagate les salió el tiro por la culata, finalmente. Ahora son ellos los investigados por colusión entre el FBI, los servicios secretos de Gran Bretaña, los grandes diarios, las grandes cadenas de TV, etc., que conspiraron para evitar que Trump sea candidato en su momento y ahora intentan hacerle la vida imposible para evitar acercamientos con Rusia y China.

    Ya es claro, luego del acuerdo con Corea del N. y la reunión en el G7 que Trump está haciendo ruptura con la geopolítica oligárquica de guerra contra Oriente y, ahora, sus intenciones se empiezan a plasmar un poquito en la práctica, superando, por ahora, la oposición de esa geopolítica oligárquica.

    Está por verse si la confrontación con Irán es una concesión a esa geopolítica oligárquica o si, cuando las circunstancias le sean favorables, avanzará, también, en el camino de los acuerdos como hizo con Corea del N.

    El Poder Ejecutivo en USA está tratando de "construir" (no defender, porque no se puede defender lo que todavía no existe) intereses nacionales en un Estado profundamente colonizado por los intereses oligárquicos globales. De allí todas las contradicciones existentes.

    Trump, a diferencia de Obama, está tratando de construir soberanía en USA, no entendida esta como evitar que otro país lo domine, sino para evitar que los intereses globalistas oligárquicos lo dominen.