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La Federación Rusa, que a diferencia del Imperio todavía tiene diplomacia, emitió un par de comunicados en relación con el Acta de sanciones que aprobó el congreso estadounidense hace pocos días. Llama la atención, (1) por un lado, el tono de hartazgo de ambas notas; (2) en segundo lugar, que ya no le hablan al presidente Trump. Le hablan directamente al “Estado Profundo” de ese país. Acá van:

Título: Russian Foreign Ministry statement about the newest US anti-Russian sanctions

Fuente: http://www.mid.ru/en/foreign_policy/news/-/asset_publisher/cKNonkJE02Bw/content/id/2831724

Texto: It is regrettable that the law on sanctions against Russia has come into effect in the United States. Its very title – “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act” – speaks for itself. Its initiators are trying to impress on the US public a certain image of our country. This is a very short-sighted and even dangerous policy fraught with undermining stability for which Moscow and Washington bear special responsibility.

The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed the Russian position on US actions, including this bill, in its statement on July 28. We have also already demonstrated that we are not going to leave unanswered hostile actions, including the expulsion of our diplomats by the US authorities and the seizure of diplomatic property. Naturally, we also reserve the right to other countermeasures.

It is high time the American fans of sanctions, which have plunged the United States into Russophobic hysteria, got rid of their illusions and realised that no threats or attempts to exert pressure will compel Russia to change its course or sacrifice its national interests.

Trading barbs is not our choice. We are open for cooperation with the United States in the spheres where we consider it useful for ourselves and international security, including settlement of regional conflicts. However, productive cooperation is only possible if Washington politicians overcome their delusions and stop perceiving the world around them through the prism of “American exceptionalism” that is distorting reality.


Título: Dmitri Medvedev’s Facebook post on Trump and US Sanctions

Fuente: https://www.facebook.com/Dmitry.Medvedev/posts/10154587161801851

Texto: The US President’s signing of the package of new sanctions against Russia will have a few consequences. First, it ends hopes for improving our relations with the new US administration. Second, it is a declaration of a full-fledged economic war on Russia. Third, the Trump administration has shown its total weakness by handing over executive power to Congress in the most humiliating way. This changes the power balance in US political circles.

What does it mean for them? The US establishment fully outwitted Trump; the President is not happy about the new sanctions, yet he could not but sign the bill. The issue of new sanctions came about, primarily, as another way to knock Trump down a peg. New steps are to come, and they will ultimately aim to remove him from power. A non-systemic player has to be removed. Meanwhile, the interests of the US business community are all but ignored, with politics chosen over a pragmatic approach. Anti-Russian hysteria has become a key part of both US foreign policy (which has occurred many times) and domestic policy (which is a novelty).

The sanctions regime has been codified and will remain in effect for decades unless a miracle happens. This legislation is going to be harsher than the Jackson-Vanik amendment as it is overarching and cannot be lifted by a special presidential order without Congress’ approval. Thus, relations between Russia and the United States are going to be extremely tense regardless of Congress’ makeup and regardless of who is president. Lengthy arguments in international bodies and courts are ahead, as well as rising international tensions and refusal to settle major international issues.

What does it mean for us? We will steadily continue our work on developing the economy and social sector, take efforts to substitute imports, and solve major national tasks, relying mostly on ourselves. We have learned to do so in the past few years, in conditions of almost closed financial markets as well as foreign investors’ and creditors’ fear of investing in Russia upon penalty of sanctions against third parties and countries. To some extent, this has even been to our advantage, although sanctions are meaningless overall. We will cope.

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  1. el congreso busca evitar que Trump se acerque y entienda con Rusia, en una estúpida lucha por el predominio en la definición de la política exterior. básicamente, una buena noticia. esto significa que eeuu tendrá 4 próximos años de parálisis diplomática, sumado al enfriamiento de relaciones con Europa e incapacidad de controlar algunos aliados como Turquía y Arabia. o sea, esta saliendo del mapa.

    4 años de peleas internas e inoperancia externa del imperio moribundo es mucho tiempo a favor de la locomotora oriental: el mundo cambia de eje.

    Las sanciones a Rusia le chupa un huevo. No mueven el amperímetro.

  2. Que conste en actas que la decisión casi unánime del Congreso de maniatar a Trump en las relaciones internacionales con Rusia no refleja lo que quiere por lo menos el 70 % de la población del país.

    Trump ganó en el 85% de los condados del país haciendo una campaña respecto al tema Rusia que es exactamente al revés de lo que decidió el Congreso y de lo que venía haciendo Trump como Presidente, a través de los funcionarios respectivos, para hacer honor a lo que había prometido en esa campaña.

    Después no digan (si alguien sobrevive dentro de 20 o 50 años) que las causas de la guerra nuclear global fue que la política interna de USA y la opinión pública(da) de ese país fue el origen de la guerra. No vengan con esos cuentos.

    Hay un interés oligárquico detrás de todo esto. Que ese interés manipula y explota la opinión pública no cabe duda (ver los diarios "serios" de USA). Los diarios "serios" son instrumentos de un interés oligárquico en serio.

    Por eso es tan importante la soberanía en USA y en todos los países. Porque, por medio de ella, los pueblos se pueden sacar de encima las tretas oligárquicas y decidir mucho más libremente qué es lo que quieren.

    Si bien es cierto que la gente está preocupada más por la seguridad de su casa y de su flia. que por la de la humanidad, si se convocara a toda la humanidad a pasar, haciendo fila, delante del botón nuclear y por un oído le dijeran que Rusia y Putin es el demonio y por el otro les dijeran la verdad, el 99,99% no apretaría el botón nuclear, harían caso a la verdad.

    No hay peor demonio que el que sindica a otro como tal.