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Guerras visibles e invisibles

Es inútil: Astroboy ladra pero no muerde. Ayer mismo había avisado que no iba a postear más hasta Febrero. Sin embargo, la actualidad no da el menor respiro. Bajo el título: “US, Britain, France secretly plotting to wage worldwide wars”, la agencia iraní publica un curioso artículo de un señor S. S. Salim que, para los lectores argentinos, resulta imperdible  (http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/12/22/279568/axis-of-evil-plots-to-wage-global-wars/). 

Al final del mismo vemos una corta biografía del autor: “S. S. Salim is a specialist on defense, geopolitics and security/intelligence affairs, with primary regional interests being the West, Muslim world, Africa and Sino-Russian political and security affairs. Salim is a graduate of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth with a BA and MA in international politics and military studies. He has also an MA in terrorism, international crime and global security from Coventry University.

El artículo comienza argumentando que sólo tres países occidentales mantienen una agenda imperialista: Los EEUU, Gran Bretaña y Francia: “These states have accounted for more than three quarters of the international wars in the world, and contemporary of 99.9 per cent of all international wars which have been initiated and undertaken by these three western imperial states, with the remaining 0.01 percent accounting for al-Qaeda Global Wars against these Imperial Western Powers.” El artículo sigue así (hemos numerado las cinco guerras secretas que menciona el Sr. Salim):

“There are five not-distinct but very-well connected secret wars being conducted across that world by Imperial Western states of US-UK-France which are essential within their greater agenda goals of desperately maintaining their unchallenged relative power in the new, to them threatening, ever changing poly-centric world.

“A poly-centric world is a world where there is no single ''superpower'' or dominant great power in ''global leadership'' position and role (the concept, 'global leadership', is a modern western favoured invention that replaced, literally, the concept of imperialism), as such poly-centric world rather refers to a world system where there are many regional superpowers that does tend to look more inward (regional and national: old states behaviour, of protectionism and patriotism/nationalism) rather than outward (meaning it is a challenge and antitheses to a multilateral world system as well as the over-hyped western prized neo-colonial practice of globalisation). These secret wars need a closer watch and guard especially by the key respective states under assault. These secret wars are conducted as final desperate frontiers for western imperial powers clinging to their former power status.

“1. There is of course the closely related Syrian-Iran war already taking place, and more to come if these two states fails to take back the initiative and to deal with known trouble-makers inside, before these are approached, recruited and trained, or strengthened, to further undermine their legitimate governments. In Syria even the Daily Mail a xenophobic UK newspaper accepted this week that there is a huge presence of foreign mercenaries in Syria fuelling the civil war (see here).

“Against Iran, the MEK is being secretly rebuilt and re-legitimized as a real challenge to Iranian government, as well as there is a new ''Jihadist outfit'' taking form next to the borders with Afghanistan (a western intelligence services creation with no doubt). Of course, these connected Secret Wars are moving fast already, especially in Syria, but also against Iranians, as the west are accelerating their offensive acts before Iran in particular grow much stronger as it is already underway, and the development is unstoppable, hence a great threat to these western imperial powers with Imperial Agendas.

“2. Then there is perhaps the most missed secret war today, a war that is conducted in specific by the British Government and it's primary covert arm, the MI6 (Secret Intelligence Services), against the popularly/democratically president-elect Government of Argentina led by Ms. Kirchner.

“The primary reason of this secret British war on Argentina, is based simply on Ms. Kirchner's popular stance on Malvinas Islands, that is not only winning a speedy popularity in Argentina, but also beyond into the Greater Regional members (supported by MERCUSOR and other regional organizations) as well as the larger part of international community, especially the NACs (the former Non-Aligned Countries) of the Far-East and Africa. The goal in Argentina for the British is to see a downfall of Ms. Kirchner government and a replacement by any other party, but not her.

“Today we are seeing new acts, for example the riots and looting, as before we saw the economic ''back-lashes'' from UK-allies and so forth.

“3. Then perhaps we come to another less appreciated but equally significant and disturbing secret wars in Africa, as we are seeing a real growth of the so-called ''humanitarian and counter-terrorism inclined wars'' in Africa by the West; divided between the former imperial regions, as the French seek to maintain their interests within their former colonies (and refusing to apologize for past atrocities as most recent with Messr. Hollande visits to the puppet state of Algeria, still without a grain of doubt, even after all the bloodshed, a colonial metropolis of Paris), in Mali, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia (which made a first contact, ''post-revolution'' to their French Masters informing Paris 'Tunisia is on the way to ''democratic path''!). Then there is the ''slight of hand'' trick where the old British Imperial interests and colonies of East, West, Central and South Africa are being now ''managed or rather mandated'' by American-cousins with full British support and blessing (since the 'Little Britain' can't afford anything nowadays, so let the Americans put in the Muscles and check in the check).

“These former colonial regions are witnessing new military bases from Kenya to Djibouti, Chad, Mauritania and so forth (see TomDispatches website for excellent Nick Turse's reports).

“In short, African so-called anti-terror wars, or humanitarian wars are a cover for secret wars with the goal of the new scramble for African Colonization (especially in the face of Chinese growing popularity, in particular Chinese New Economic System to much hated Western Capitalist System seen as behind the recent new global economic crises, and reach in the continent which is scaring the pants-off the Americans and the general western Imperial bloc).

“4. Finally, and perhaps the most unacknowledged, and yet the most dangerous of these contemporary desperate western secret wars today are what I refer to as the Colour Revolution [inspired] wars, against the Russian State. The secret funding of ''democratic civil societies'', or ''pussy riots'', or the news of plane crushes, ''exploding bases'' (apparently as a result of cigarettes!!!), to Magnitsky Act.

“In short, Russia, whether it likes to accept or not, is at war again with the western Imperial Powers -the new Cold War II that started last year in 2011.

“5. To finish our account of these secret wars, one might look at the region known famously as the American Western Hemisphere in the South and Central America, here US is fiercely engaged in secret wars that manoeuvres their favoured political leaders and parties against others, the old favoured practices, and if this fails they go in gun-ho or support local armed groups; Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Peru.

“In short, dear readers and policy-makers, these are the most dangerous secret wars we have to be aware and guard against today, or for spectators to watch out for. The Imperial West is conducting it's final desperate defensive wars, with minor counter-offensives hoping it will account for a big change of fortune against new powers, and return things to the way they were, and just might be, if these new powers and others fail to recognize/appreciate the true characters and end-goals of these secret wars, win! A disturbing thought!

“These are not ''good-guys'' wars. Not R2P (Responsibility to Protect) Wars (i.e. Humanitarian Interventions or Peacekeeping). These are not self-defensive wars. These are not essential wars for survival. These are not wars against axis of evils. These are not necessary wars. These are not Just War. These are nor divinely sanctioned wars. These are simply desperate Imperial Wars. POINT!!!.”

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